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The Best, and Most Toddler Safe Drink Coasters You Can Own

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Drink coasters. You’re probably wondering what tangent I’ve trailed off onto now, but I’m serious! I really never gave them much thought until I had kids. Coasters are just a minute object in your house for stopping table scratches, the annoying noise of a cup on a really hard surface (glass, ugh), and to keep your table clean. Nothing to write home about. Well, other than deciding on the the colours and design to suit your furnishings. Or, that’s just me being picky.

Anyway, since having kids, coasters have been a whole new experience. These insignificant little household decorations became a giant pain. I don’t know about you, and how many different coasters you’ve been through, but we’ve been through a lot. My eldest child is only 3! 

Although not particularly thought about, I still need my drink coasters to protect my tableware, and prevent unnecessary cleaning. As you may have noticed, due to my comment above, we have a glass coffee table. It was gifted to us when we moved into our house and I’m really grateful, because we didn’t have a lot of spare cash to spend on a coffee table. That being said, it is not particularly kid friendly. Moving on, I’m going to point out a few things about coasters that you may or may not have noticed.

OK, so the rendition of coasters we’ve been through are as follows;

  • Felt. After a while they started to grow mould. Yuck. So I had to bin those.
  • Next, I bought some really nice glass ones with the rubber stops underneath. They looked really nice on our glass coffee table. I broke the first one because the condensation running off my glass stuck it to the coaster and it slid off onto the tiles. Then, Miss first-born-I-can’t-exactly-remember-how-old got hold of them and pulled them off the table. Glass coasters met tile floor again. Definitely not safe, so the coasters didn’t survive and quickly were replaced.
  • Cork! Cork is safe! It is also very chewable to toddlers.
  • Metal ones have the same issue where condensation from a glass makes it stick, and then slide off onto the floor. That’s just annoying. Also, metal coasters plus toddlers banging them on glass or wood? Nope, that definitely doesn’t work.
  • Wood or bamboo end up mouldy eventually, or they split. They are also as enticing to chew to toddlers as the cork.
  • Any fabric will end up like my poor felt coasters.

…Then one day in the shopping centre I found the PERFECT coasters. It was definitely the design that got me first, and then when I realised what they were made from, I was sold.

And that fabulous material is….

  • Silicone! It’s flexible, dishwasher safe, non breakable, hot and cold safe, waterproof, chewable (but not a choking hazard), doesn’t slide all over the table, and the design doesn’t let your glass stick to it.

Without doubt this is the best and safest material for a drinking coaster when you have young children. The potential hazards from almost all of the other alternatives isn’t worth the risk. Silicone is also a greener choice as it is a more hard wearing material than plastic or rubber. So, if you invest in silicone – you won’t have to buy new coasters ever again (unless they get lost. That is one drawback of young kids. They do like playing with things and losing them!!!)

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I bought my little slices of paradise from Sunnylife. You can purchase the same drinking coasters here.

sunnylife coaster

Alternatively, for you bargain hunters, or those not so obsessed with the tropical theme as me, you can have your pick on ebay here.

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