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Simple Icecream Recipe – Without an Icecream Maker!


Without doubt, one of my family’s favourite desserts has to be icecream! We don’t really do desserts very often because my husband suffers headaches from chocolate and isn’t much of a sweet tooth (so any chocolate in the fridge, stays in the fridge! Yay!), and my daughter rarely finishes her dinner before her 7pm bedtime so there’s not much point. Does anyone else find this with their 3 year old? It takes her nearly 2 hours to eat half of what’s on her plate!

Anyway, icecream is one of those super versatile desserts that you can add to other desserts as a compliment, or a standout in it’s own right. You can start with vanilla and add fruit, choc chips, or another flavour. Living in a warm climate such as Queensland, ice cream in summer is a definite winner!

On the arrival of spring, we started to get 30 degree days. It was really enjoyable, I love the hot weather! We opened all the windows and doors and let the fresh air and scent from the newly opened flowers waft through the house. Our passionfruit vine had gone metaphorically bananas, and had copious amounts of fruit ripe on the vine. We picked as many as we could and took them inside. Miss 3 really enjoys cooking when Mr 1 goes down for a nap, so we hunted for a recipe of some description to accompany the wonderful weather and our abundance of passionfruit. I really wanted to avoid the oven on such a beautiful day, and what goes best with a hot day? Icecream!!! After sifting through lots of recipes online we found a basic recipe that we can make ice cream from scratch…without a machine! The best part about this recipe is that it’s so simple, the kids can get in an help. It’s always fun to pick your own flavour to make too! We collected our ingredients and started our yummy treat.

This recipe is for vanilla icecream. You can pretty much make whatever flavour you want from this base recipe.

make your own icecream


1¼ C Full Cream Milk

¾ C Caster Sugar

2C thickened Cream

1 tsp Vanilla extract


  1. Whisk sugar and milk until sugar dissolves either by hand or with an electric whisk. We use a Sunbeam stick blender with a whisk attachment.
  2. Add cream and vanilla, mix for 2min.
  3. Pour into shallow tin and freeze for 30min. TIP: If possible use a shallow tin with rounded corners so when you mix the icecream later you don’t get hard bits stuck in the sharp corners.
  4. Stir icecream with the whisk or fork and return to freezer for another 30min.
  5. Repeat this x2 more times then transfer into sealed container and leave in freezer until ready to serve.

Then enjoy! We divided this recipe into 2 batches, vanilla and passionfruit. With our passionfruit icecream we just mixed the pulp into our mixture before the intitial freeze.

passionfruit icecream from scratch

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