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Never Miss a Quilt Cover on Sale Again…Ever

quilt cover

I was walking through an outlet shopping centre with my Mother-in-Law (yes, I’m fortunate that we get along!) during a big sale weekend. Every store had extra sales and clearance items. Yay! I am definitely one to get super excited by the prospect of sales, you never know what you may find! But I do also try to go by the ‘do I need it?’ mantra as opposed to the ‘do I want it?’ one. I find I don’t get so carried away when I recognise I don’t need something. That being said, while we were there I wanted to visit the Adairs outlet. I can’t go past anyway without taking a look at their beautiful bed linen! On this occasion though, I had a legitimate reason to be there. Due to an unfortunate 3 yr old + scissors incident, I was one quilt cover down. That’s a whole different blog for another time. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Adairs products, they have amazing, high quality homewares. I find their range modern and welcoming. Their patterns and designs are always fresh and original, and their kids stuff? Just gorgeous.

This unfortunate bedcover of my daughter’s was one of Adairs’….anyway, moving on. I hoped I could replace the poor Llama quilt cover with another, or something just as cute. On perusal, there were only a few really nice patterns left, but it was the mermaid quilt cover that really grabbed me. Mostly because of the colours (they’d suit Miss 3’s room) but also because my Miss 3 loves mermaids! She liked that one the best of all the choices in front of her anyway. I checked the price, $9.95 – down from the RRP $119.99!!! Amazing! …Then we ran into a problem. Of course, when I tried to find a single size, there wasn’t one. We left the store feeling a little disappointed, but then I has a brainwave. I’d just alter it! We’d have material left over for another project and I’d have replaced the poor llamas for just $9.95! This definitely works best when you’re trying to downsize the quilt cover, but depending on the pattern, there’s no reason you couldn’t add fabric to a small quilt to make it larger. I returned to the store and purchased the queen size mermaid quilt. Miss 3 was so excited, she wanted to hold it all the way home.

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quilt cover

How To Re-Make Your Quilt Cover

For those of you who aren’t overly comfortable with a sewing machine, or even at all, this alteration is really simple. Because the project is on a larger scale, you can get away with small measurement deviations!

  1. First thing to do is turn the quilt cover inside out and lie it on a flat surface. (For me, this was our living room floor.) Flatten out all the wrinkles.
  2. Place a quilt the size you want to achieve, over the top of the one you want to alter. Line them up along the edges as close as you can. Obviously, one side will be the excess.
quilt sale win

3.  Mark a line down your project, following the line of the quilt you’re trying to copy. I used an air drying pen (find it on ebay here.) The beauty of an air drying marker, is it goes on like a felt pen, but after a couple of minutes completely disappears!

cutting line

4. Inside of this line, place pins the length of the quilt cover.

pin the quilt

4. Measure along the top and bottom of the quilt cover to make sure they’re the same width. Alter your line slightly if need be to accommodate the difference in measurement if there is one. (If there is a difference, it’ll be only slight.)

5. Cut along the line your drew so the pins are on the inside of where you cut.

cut along line

6. Sew along the edge using a straight stitch at a longish length.

straight stitch

7. Zigzag stitch along the edge to prevent fraying. You can use a serger if you have one, but I have never had in issue just using the zigzag stitch function.

8. At the bottom where the opening is, you’ll just need to measure  from the edge of the quilt cover to the where opening begins. You’ll then know where to finish your stitches on the altered side. The end of the quilt cover will be sewn up in a L shape. 

Depending on how the opening is fastened will determine how fiddly this next bit is. If it has buttons, it’ll will be easy. The plastic snaps aren’t too bad, but a zipper may cause a little more drama.

9. Once you’ve measured the unaltered side, use your air dry marker to mark out the place where your L shape stitching will go. In where that L shape will go, you’ll find a couple of plastic snaps, buttons, or the continuation of a zipper. Simply cut the buttons off. Mine had the plastic fasteners. I used a flat head screwdriver covered with a rag to twist apart the snaps. (You can omit this part if you’re not bothered by just having them stay there. The small plastic snaps won’t be seen at all once you’ve sewed up the bottom.) A zip may be more of a headache, but essentially just ensure the zipper itself is within the opening (not on the outside that you need to cut off) pin the ends together where the L is and cut the rest of the zip off. Once you’ve sewn up the L the zip can’t come off.

L shape sew up

Voila! Turn the quilt cover inside out and you have your perfectly re-sized single quilt cover. If you are comfortable with the sewing machine, you have excess fabric left over for another project! I think I’ll create a dress or skirt for Miss 3 as an upcoming creation…stay tuned!

You can view Adairs stunning quilt cover range here.

single size quilt

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