Natural Pink Clay Facial Exfoliant

pink clay exfoliant

When I first looked at some of the DIY natural skin care recipes, I saw a whole lot of ingredients that I’d never heard of, and they sounded way to difficult/exhausting/expensive to buy. If you’re new to this, I can feel that you know exactly what I mean. DO NOT GET FREAKED OUT BY THIS! I did originally, but so many of these products are available from your local health store, or online in the one place. It took me a while, but after lots of research and trial and error I learned there are a lot of ingredients that you either don’t need, or that you can substitute for something else. Once I really started to get the hang of it, I found that I could even start personalising the recipe to my requirements. So you too, can find the PERFECT skincare product for you at around 70% less cost! Why? You aren’t paying for the marketing and packaging of the store bought product which is a significant contribution to the price of the product. Plus, the freshly sourced ingredients will be more potent and active than a store bought product that has been made, possibly shipped from overseas, and has been bottled for who knows how long? You also avoid all the added preservatives that go along with commercial products, which means CHEMICAL FREE skincare!!!

So let’s get into it.

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This exfoliant is made with 4 ingredients -with an optional 5th. I’ve included links to the cheapest way of buying all the ingredients you need, but I purchase mine from the Biome store we’re lucky enough to have on the Gold Coast. Fortunately I can bring in my own jars and refill when necessary…it’s a lot cheaper. but if you would like to buy the same ingredients as me and don’t have a store nearby here’s the link! Biome Stores.

First ingredient is Liquid Castille Soap. Liquid castille soap is derived from natural plant oils. It is very mild and is safe for sensitive skin. It is gentle enough to clean your skin without drying it out, which makes it perfect for babies too. I use Dr Bronner’s castille. It’s works for SO many things! Just check the bottle label!

Second, is Pink Clay. Pink Clay  is perfect for sensitive skin types. On the clay scale (yes, I’m going to pretend that’s a real type of measurement) pink clay is known to be the most gentle of all clays. Green clay is on the other end of the scale, and is much more powerful in cleansing and drawing impurities out of skin. Pink clay doesn’t remove natural oils, but it does invigorate the skin with natural minerals to help restore a  natural balance to skin. It reduces irritation and redness associated with acne, helping skin reach its optimal health.

Third, White Kaolin Clay. White clay is on the gentle end of the clay scale too, but not as much so as pink clay. It has more of a toxin drawing power to it, but it is still fine to use with sensitive skin. It removes excess oils from the skin and gives your skin a gentle cleansing while still soothing irritation.

Forth, the exfoliant – Pumice Powder. Pumice is a type of volcanic rock. It’s formed when the combination of lava, water and gas are mixed together and cooled. The fine powder of pumice gently exfoliate the skin, and the natural minerals help the regeneration of skin cells. *Pumice powder can be exchanged for a different exfoliant if you wish – seaweed powder, sandalwood powder etc., or even left out altogether if you want just a cleanser!

Essential Oil (optional) – Essential oils are one of the most versatile materials I know. You can use them for soooooo many things! Anyway, for this exfoliant I recommend to use an EO that benefits your skin rather than just for the smell. Lavender, Rosehip, Tea Tree, Rose, Peppermint, Frankincense, Grapefruit are just some examples. Personally, I find lavender to have the most beneficial properties, but tea tree is great for acne and breakouts. The fun is finding your favourite!

exfoliant ingredients

How To Make It

1 Tb White Kaolin Clay

1 tsp Pink Clay (or 1/4 tsp red clay added to white clay)

1/2 tsp Pumice Powder

2 tsp Liquid Castile Soap

First of all, when making any skincare with clays make sure you do not use anything metallic. Use ceramic, glass, plastic, wood, just nothing metal. Clays don’t react well with metal, they will try to degrade it. You definitely don’t want bits of metal in your product!

  1. In a non-metallic bowl add the clays.
  2. Add liquid castille soap and mix together until a paste forms.
  3. Add up to 8 drops of essential oil if you want to. *Note: Adding the oil will make the consistency of your exfoliant change. It will become more rubbery and stretchy.

You’re done! To use, just apply to damp skin and gently massage into skin in circular motions. Wash off in warm water. The exfoliant can be used on arms, legs, and the body also.

Your skin will be left silky soft and smooth, and you won’t get the dry stretched feeling you get with some exfoliators. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

It will keep up to 3 months. No need to refrigerate.


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