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Eco Produce Bags, Saving the Planet One Shop at a Time

mesh produce bags

If you’re trying to cut down your plastic use, this one’s a biggie. Especially if you have a big family shop and go through heaps of fruit and veg like us. There are definitely some days I feel like I live and the fruit and veg deli, because if my daughter wasn’t my daughter, she’d be a fruit bat. I swear she’d live on fruit if she could! It could be worse though I suppose, I shouldn’t complain! I love fruit too, and being vegetarian, I go through plenty of veggies. I also feed our dog a raw diet, so fresh vegetables are always on the shopping list. So yes, we go through plenty of fresh produce. When I’m out grocery shopping, I try to avoid buying the already packaged stuff. This then leaves you with the loose items, which is great because you can carefully select your fresh produce. The only problem is carrying them, and usually the only option is plastic bags! Some fruit and veg stores provide cardboard boxes, but the smaller items can still be tricky.

I’ll admit at this stage, this eco option won’t save you money…yet. For me though, it’s all about reducing my carbon footprint and eliminating single use plastic as much as possible. So this simple switch is a huge step in protecting our planet. We all have to bring our shopping bags to the supermarket now, so it makes sense to bring these aswell! I’m hoping it won’t be long before Australian supermarkets ban the plastic produce bags too. To be honest, I don’t really understand why they didn’t go at the same time as their check-out bag counterparts, seeing as they are both single use. Anyway, I didn’t want to use these teeny tiny plastic bags anymore, and contribute any more plastic to landfill. So, I found these! Reusable mesh produce bags! Cute, lightweight and you can see the produce inside them at checkout!

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green+kind produce bags
eco produce bags
mesh produce bags

There are several eco friendly produce bags out there. I reviewed some of what’s out there, and I found these to suit my needs best in terms of eco friendliness, size, weight and cost. They are Green+Kind brand, and I bought mine online from Flora and Fauna here. The beautiful team at Flora and Fauna even wrote me a lovely little note. Definitely one of the best online stores I’ve ever purchased from.

Features of the Green+Kind Produce Bag:

  • 4 or 8 bags in a pouch
  • Each bag measures 30cm w x 35cm h.
  • Each bag weighs 12g
  • Drawstring closure
  • Washable (cool hand wash)
  • Stuffable carry pouch with clip
  • Made from RPET (recycled plastic)
Biome Eco Stores - Zero Waste, Toxin Free, Ethical Choices

Many of the other eco produce bags would have similar features. I like these because they are affordable, lightweight (so you’re not paying extra at checkout), easy to use, easy to clean, you can clearly see the produce inside the bag so there’s no need to open it at the checkout, and you can keep the produce in them in the fridge.

So now I can purchase all my fruit and vegetables 100% plastic free. 

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