Thanks for stopping by! Here you can find eco friendly ideas, creative DIY recipes for a variety of lotions and potions, family ideas and natural alternative to chemical products.

eco friendly solutions

I’m an environmentally conscious Mum of 2 littlies. I’m passionate about making small changes in my lifestyle to decrease my carbon footprint, and am here to share those ideas with you! I also prefer to choose natural products over chemical ones when I can. I’m still learning as I go, as there are amazing eco options and DIY’s available that are beneficial to our planet and ourselves (and our bank balance!)
My little ones love games and puzzles, and we ADORE our books. I love a good book myself, and bedtime wouldn’t be complete without our night time story. 
Finally, family is my key focus and here you can find some fun family activities, that hopefully you’re littlies will also enjoy!

I hope you enjoy your visit here and if you have any questions, please get in touch with me. I’d love to connect with my fellow eco/DIY/natural product loving families.


Fi x