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Thanks for stopping by my blog! Here you can find eco friendly ideas, creative DIY recipes for a variety of lotions and potions, and natural alternatives to chemical products.

I’m an environmentally conscious Mum of two little people. I’m passionate about making small changes in my lifestyle to decrease my carbon footprint. Eventually I hope to be mostly zero waste, but for now I am still working on doing the best I can. I developed this page so I can share all my eco ideas and discoveries with you as I go!

Where possible, I prefer to choose natural products over chemical ones, and some of the ones I’ve found are pretty incredible! I’m still learning as I go, as there are amazing eco options and DIY’s available that are beneficial to our planet and ourselves (and our bank balance!). I try new things and see how they go, then pop them up on here for you!

Family health and clean living is my ultimate focus here, so¬†I hope you enjoy your visit and find some inspiration! Any of your own suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated too; so comment, or get in touch with me. I’d love to connect with my nature loving tribe!

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